Metatrader 4

Metatrader 4
Metatrader 4

Trade with the Powerful Meta Trader 4, Enhanced with CMTrading Features

Trade using MT4’s powerful features combined with CMTrading support, and you’ll enjoy a top trading and technical analysis toolset. The most popular platform among traders, it provides a wide variety of useful information, fully customizable and automated.

Trade with the Powerful Meta Trader 4, Enhanced with CMTrading Features

Trade using MT4’s powerful features combined with CMTrading support, and you’ll enjoy a top trading and technical analysis toolset. The most popular platform among traders, it provides a wide variety of useful information, fully customizable and automated.

You can download CMTrading’s MT4 App from your cell phone or laptop here:

You can download CMTrading’s MT4 App from your cell phone here:

How to use MT4 Trading Platform?

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is universally accepted as the world’s most advanced and popular trading platform. From basic functionalities for the Forex beginner to advanced technical charting for the experienced trader – MetaTrader4 is the perfect platform for all. With intuitive easy-to-use functionality at all levels, it does exactly what you need it to do.

The MetaTrader 4 program has a built-in convenient and user-friendly format and contains all advanced tools for trading including technical analysis tools, advanced trading orders and many possibilities for customizing charts. In addition, you may add custom-made automatic trading strategies (EAs) and indicators.

CMTrading’s MetaTrader 4 platform has been fully integrated into our service portfolio, allowing our clients to experience trading as it should be – tight spreads and “Market Execution” with no requotes!

CMTrading’s MetaTrader 4 is the ideal platform for all trading strategies. It provides support and all the tools required to successfully trade using EAs and allows trading strategies such as hedging or scalping. These are key elements in performing efficient trade execution using Technical Analysis without delay.

Your existing Expert Advisor, it will work seamlessly with the CMTrading MT4. Alternatively, you can develop your own EA using the MetaTrader MQL4 programming language. The MQL4 language also allows the programming and editing of custom-made indicators and charting tools. The CMTrading MT4 platform truly gives you the tools necessary for successful trading.

About Metatrader (MT4) Trading Platform

MetaTrader 4, also referred to MT4, is a universally used electronic platform designed for retail foreign exchange. It was created by a MetaQuotes Software Corp, a Russian software company, which currently licenses the software to 500 banks and brokers worldwide. MT4 was released in 2005 and is extremely popular with forex traders; particularly because of its easy-to-use features including its ability to enable automated trading. It allows users to create their individual trading scripts as well as trading robots – often referred to as expert advisors. For most investors and online traders, whether in trading forex or CFDs (Contract for Differences), MetaTrader 4 is a must-have tool.

Other than being considered the most prevalent online trading platform for gaining access to the global market, MT4 is also regarded as an extremely efficient tool for retail foreign exchange trading. This is because it was specially created for individual online traders. An electronic or online trading platform is a software program used to place different trading orders for numerous financial instruments via a network with brokerage companies or financial institutions that function as financial intermediaries. These financial institutions facilitate online transactions amongst sellers and buyers by executing the trades. With MT4, an online investor can trade on current/live market prices that are being streamed on different trading platforms and can increase their profit potential using additional trading tools offered. The tools offered by these platforms include live news feeds, trading account management, and charting packages including trading robots.

Meta Trader 4

The Evolution of MT4

The first generation of Internet-based forex (foreign exchange) trading platforms began in 1996, enabling foreign exchange to progress at a faster pace and expanding consumer markets. Web-based retail foreign exchange lets individual clients access global markets and get a chance to trade currencies at a click.

The first generation of electronic trading platforms was basic software that could be downloaded to a computer but lacked user-friendly interfaces. With time, new features like charting tools and technical analysis were added, resulting in advanced attributes, including the option for the programs to be utilized as web-based platforms even on mobile devices (tablets or smartphones) that are compatible with automatic tools like trading robots.

Other than introducing online trading platforms, a fast-growing section of foreign exchange markets also emerged. This involved individuals who were able to access the global trade and markets online via banks and brokers: retail forex. The market segment allowed even smaller investors the opportunity to access markets and trade using smaller amounts of money. The demand for more sophisticated trading platforms kept growing, particularly for retail forex trading , including the need for individuals to directly trade on the global markets. MetaTrader 4 software made it possible for many retail forex traders to venture and capitalize in the exchange or currency as well as other financial instruments from any part of the world.

Usage of MetaTrader

Currently, more than half a million online retail traders use the MT4 platform to run their daily trading practices. These traders benefit from the broad range of features that help them make informed investment decisions, such as mobile trading, automated trading, news feed streaming, one-click trading, charting tools, a substantial number of indicators, in-built custom indicators, and the ability to manage multiple orders. MT4 is ideal for both seasoned and beginner traders with versatile investment practices and skills. Today this software can be regarded as the ultimate trading software globally.

MT4 and Mobile Trading

MetaTrader 4 incorporates all the advantages of trading in the 21st-century technology. It offers top-level flexibility and mobility. As a result, the MT4 mobile trading option lets investors access the trading platform (other than their Mac and Windows operating system-based personal computers) directly from their tablets and smartphones. The trading platform, including multiple trading account monitoring and management, is now supported on the go. Having the opportunity to manage various trading accounts from portable devices such as tablets and smartphones offers investors a clear edge as they trade. The compatibility of the software with IOS operating system lets Mac users follow up on day-to-day market changes 24/7 and place trades from iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone directly.

Through MT4 mobile trading, online investors can easily follow global markets from anywhere, at any time, execute orders instantaneously and manage their accounts while away from their PCs. Moreover, mobile trading gives a wide range of analytical options including displaying graphical quotes for proper management of the account. Because the mobile trading options offered by MetaTrader 4 are the same for tablets and smartphones as for PCs, an online investor can perform trading activities at a similar speed using the same trading tools to get the best results.

MetaTrader 4 IOS and Android

Tablets and smartphones are indispensable in trading, to cover all the intervals when the trader is away from a computer. The mobile versions of MT4 on Android and iPhone/iPad devices can be used to trade in financial markets. Users appreciate the mobile trading platform’s functionality which offers broad analytical capabilities including technical indicators, full support for trading functions and other graphical objects. All these features can be accessed from anywhere around the globe, 24/7.

The Benefits of MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

Why Forex traders choose Metatrader 4:

  • Simple user interface
  • One-click executions
  • Limit orders
  • Quotes in real-time
  • Graphs and charts for different timeframes
  • Technical indicators and tools
  • Live analytics

MetaTrader 4 provides leading analytical and trading technologies including additional services. It offers all you need to succeed in Forex trading.

Metatrader 4

You can download CMTrading’s MT4 App from
your cell phone or laptop here:

You can download CMTrading’s App from your cell phone here:

Metatrader 4

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